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rowenvironmental has been afforded the opportunity to provide environmental services to over 100 clients during the past 19 years since being founded.  Currently, over 80 percent of work completed is for repeat clients, which is a testament to the quality and benefit of the services provided.  The following table provides a summary of a few of the projects completed by rowenvironmental.  Other project descriptions can be provided upon request.


Project Title


Project Description

Client Contact

Simmons Foods, Inc. Southwest City, Missouri Wastewater Treatment Plant

Simmons Foods, Inc., Siloam Springs, Arkansas

In early,1998 rowenvironmental was retained by Simmons Foods to evaluate and make recommendations to upgrade the corporation’s Southwest City, Missouri processing and rendering plant wastewater system.  An evaluation of the existing system was completed in one week and the design of improvements was fast tracked to address an immediate need to upgrade the system.  The system was upgraded to provide increased nitrogen and phosphorus removal through the addition of an innovative biological treatment unit.  The system has performed exceptionally well since completion, with effluent phosphorus levels averaging well below 1 mg/l.   

Simmons Foods, Inc. –

Joe Earney

(479) 524-8151


Pilgrim’s Pride Corporation Walker Creek Facility, Camp County, Texas

Pilgrim’s Pride Corporation, Pittsburg, Texas

Pilgrim’s Pride Corporation retained rowenvironmental to assist in the planning, permitting, and design for a new poultry processing and rendering facility.  The facility will be unique in that wastewater will be managed by deep well injection, thus having no direct discharge to the environmental.  A major important aspect of the overall project development was the development and negotiation of a Comprehensive Water Quality Management Plan with the Northeast Texas Municipal Water District, the agency responsible for water quality management in the drainage basin.  Though this plan the industry and the water district agreed to work together to protect water quality in the basin by monitoring and through implementation of best management practices.  The project will ultimately result in the creation of over 5,000 jobs while having no negative impacts on the environment.

Pilgrim’s Pride Corporation –

Troy Penshorn (903) 767-6182





Pilgrim’s Pride Corporation Regional Water Planning Representation, Camp County, Texas

Pilgrim’s Pride Corporation, Pittsburg, Texas

rowenvironmental has provided services to represent Pilgrim’s Pride Corporation on the Region D Water Planning Committee.  This is a committee assigned responsibility to study and plan to meet the water needs of Northeast Texas for the next 50 years.  The work has involved the development of water supply needs, evaluation of alternatives, and selection of preferred short and long term options to meet the needs.  The project has considered the impacts of reservoir construction on land owners through a lengthy public participation process.  Additionally, the assignment has included considerable work on water rights issues, including inter-basin water transfers.

Northeast Texas Municipal Water District (Administrator for the Region D Planning Committee) –

Walt Sears

(903) 639-7538


Pilgrim’s Pride Corporation, Russellville, Alabama Wastewater Treatment System

Pilgrim’s Pride Corporation, Greeley, Colorado

rowenvironmental was retained to evaluate an existing wastewater treatment and land application system and to make recommendations for upgrading.  The system was upgraded using a cost effective and innovative biological system to provide increased nitrogen and phosphorus removal.  Treated effluent was land applied to a zero discharge land application system.  The facility received an award from the Alabama Department of Environmental Quality as the best industrial wastewater treatment facility in the State of Alabama.

Pilgrim’s Pride Corporation,

Russellville, Alabama

Joel Ponders

(205) 332-8900

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