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Rowenvironmental Services

Poultry Processing Plant

Biological Nutrient Removal System

rowenvironmental has provided environmental engineering design services to numerous poultry processors to meet wastewater treatment requirements. Projects have been designed to provide biological treatment and nutrient removal to address advanced treatment requirements for direct discharges, land application system loading issues, air emissions and odor concerns, and reduced operation and maintenance costs.

Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation

Environmental Management

rowenvironmental provides comprehensive services to poultry, beef, pork, and dairy CAFO’s to address environmental management needs. Services include new and existing facility permitting, containment system design, wastewater and residuals land application system design, nutrient management plan preparation, annual soil sampling and analysis, pollution prevention plan preparation, on demand operations assessments and inspections, and operations assistance.

Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation

Containment System Design

rowenvironmental provides design services for lagoon systems for the containment of CAFO wastewater and residuals. Services include site selection, coordination of geotechnical assessments, sizing, liner selection and design, influent distribution design, and effluent withdrawal system design. Design services can include covers or aeration systems where appropriate.

Anaerobic Lagoon Design
Poultry Processing Plant Wastewater Treatment System
rowenvironmental has designed numerous anaerobic lagoons for the pretreatment of poultry processing plant wastewater. The lagoon systems include membrane liners and covers and biogas collection and handling systems.


Residuals Handling Systems
rowenvironmental provides complete planning and design services for the land application of residuals from wastewater treatment systems and CAFO containment structures. Land application methods used include traveling guns, drip irrigation, plow systems, center pivot units, and fixed irrigation systems.

Water Quality Protection and Enhancement
rowenvironment provides comprehensive environment engineering services to assist industry, agriculture, and government in implementing environmental management systems that protect and enhance water quality. Systems are designed to provide innovative and cost effective solutions to complex issues to assure that industry, agriculture, and government can coexist with the environment while allowing sustainable growth and development.


Commitment to Environmental Protection and Enhancement
rowenvironmental is committed to providing cost effective and innovative services to aid our clients in protecting and enhancing the environment. We have been afforded the opportunity to work on hundreds of projects for industry, agriculture, and government that have successfully addressed specific environmental management requirements in the areas of wastewater, storm water, residuals handling, and air emissions. Each project is completed with the knowledge and understanding that industry, agriculture, and government can successfully utilize land, water, and air resources with careful and sensitive attention to appropriate environmental risks and remedies.

Sustainable Development through Environmental Sensitivity
rowenvironmental strives to provide services that facilitate the capabilities of industry, agriculture, and government to go about the day-to-day business of enhancing the life’s of their customers while implementing programs and systems that are sensitive to the environment. Through the careful attention to each project detail projects can be completed and businesses can be run in ways that are protective of the environment and those potentially impacted.

Simmons Foods, Inc., Southwest City, Missouri
Poultry Processing Plant Wastewater Treatment System Upgrading
rowenvironmental was retained by Simmons Foods, Inc. to recommend and design upgrades to an existing system to provide enhanced biological nutrient removal to meet new phosphorus and nitrate nitrogen effluent limitations. System was upgraded by designing a reactor system to be used in conjunction with an existing anaerobic lagoon and Schreiber countercurrent aeration system. System provided a construction cost savings of over $2,000,000 compared to other alternatives being considered. System has consistently met advanced wastewater treatment levels for phosphorus and nitrogen since going on line.

Earthen Basin Based Activated Sludge Biological Nutrient Removal System
rowenvironmental specializes in the design of membrane earthen basin biological treatment systems for both new systems and retrofits of existing lagoon systems. Systems have been designed with high speed surface aeration equipment and with diffused aeration systems. Systems offer a very cost effective means of biological nutrient removal, especially upstream of polishing lagoon systems and land application systems.

Wastewater Lagoon Membrane Liners and Covers
rowenvironmental has designed numerous wastewater treatment systems using membrane lined and covered anaerobic lagoons. Comprehensive services are provided to address geotechnical issues, liner and cover materials selection, and quality controlled installation.




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