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About rowenvironmental

General Overview

rowenvironmental is an environmental engineering consulting firm specializing in providing services to government and industry to address a broad range of  environmental issues, with particular  emphasis in the area of wastewater engineering.  The firm was established in  1992 and has developed a solid reputation  for providing innovative and cost effective  assessments and solutions to complex  permitting, treatment, and water quality  management issues. 

Staff Resources

The staff resources of rowenvironmental are as follows:

Vernon D. Rowe, P.E.
– Vernon D. Rowe is the owner and  principle of rowenvironmental.  Mr. Rowe is a Registered Professional Engineer in the State of Texas, as well as many other states.  Mr. Rowe received a BS Degree in Chemical Engineering (1971) and an MS Degree in Environmental Engineering (1973) from the University of Arkansas.  Mr. Rowe serves as the Project Manager for all rowenvironmental projects.

Subconsultants – rowenvironmental was formed to provide highly specialized professional services, with emphasis in the areas of governmental and industrial wastewater treatment.  When the firm was formed a decision was made to address each project on an individual basis as relates to bringing the very best resources possible to bear on the specific need of the client.  Toward that end, rowenvironmental uses a broad range of highly specialized subconsultants as needed for each project.  Each project is approached by:

    1.  Thoroughly discussing the specific issue with the client and defining the project needs, work tasks, and desired outputs
Developing a staffing needs assessment to address the project needs and accomplish the work tasks and desired outputs
Selecting the best subconsultants for the specific project work tasks

Subconsultants are selected from individuals, university professors, industry experts, government experts, legal experts, and other environmental consulting firms.  By using subconsultants in this manner, rowenvironmental is able to bring to each project what is believed to be the very best people to meet the specific need. 

In summary, we believe that each project has its own unique needs to be addressed in the very best manner.  By being open to a complete universe of professional expertise individually selected for the specific project, rowenvironmental believes it gives each Client the best possible project outcome at the best value.

Staff Experience

Vernon D. Rowe, P.E., has over 35 years experience in providing environmental engineering services to government and industry in a broad range of project assignments.  Typical projects related to the upgrading and refurbishing of wastewater treatment projects include:

Simmon’s Foods, Southwest City, Missouri – Design and construction observation for $3,000,000 expansion to wastewater treatment system including over 5 acres of lined earthen lagoons. 

Cagle’s, Collinsville, Alabama – Conversion of existing aerated lagoon to activated sludge system to meet more stringent treatment requirements.  Plant capacity was 1.5 mgd.  Project cost was $500,000.

Pilgrim’s Pride Corporation, Sumter, South Carolina – Design and construction observation for $2,500,000 construction of new wastewater treatment system consisting of over 10 acres of lined and covered earthen lagoons.    

Pilgrim’s Pride Corporation, Pittsburg, Texas – Planning and management of project to raise lagoon levees and refurbish lagoon slopes on animal waste lagoons totaling approximately 20 acres in size. 

There is no limit to the experience of the subconsultants that can be selected for each individual project.  By selecting subconsultants for each project based on the specific project needs the very best level of experience is made available for the completion of each project.  This approach is very advantageous because it minimizes costs while maximixing final output quality.  rowenvironmental will deliver the best possible staff resources for each individual project.


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